Tuesday, November 17, 2015

boyfriend watch

'Tis the season!  As the holidays approach, I am starting to create my wishlist.  On the top of my list is a beautiful gold boyfriend watch to stack with my bracelets. I held out a long time with my chunky leather watches, until one day my watch battery stopped and I unintentionally phased out watch wearing.  And in the day and age when cell phones are like an extension of our hands, you would think watches would be obsolete, but I am craving one more than ever!  Above are my top two choices from MVMT and Fossil.

Friday, November 6, 2015

for November babies

Wow, look at this stunning beauty!  No offense to citrine, but what stone wouldn't look stunning in this Victorian/ Art Nouveau setting?!  But citrine is beautiful in its own right, with its beautiful warm yellow glow so perfect for the fall month of November.  Colors range from lemon yellow (from which the stone derives its name) to reddish brown, my favorite being the shade featured above.