Monday, November 28, 2016

gold links

Just a small piece I created for a taste of something new.  I've been going through my old jewelry and started to recycle pieces from ones I no longer wear.  This was made from the chain of another one of my necklaces and gold wire scrap from a few rings I made.  Simple and basic with great layering potential.  Also, I love seeing pictures of other jewelry artist's benches and equipment and am finding the beauty in my own soldering block.  It's an imprinted history of my studio work.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

for November babies

Happy belated (second month in a row!) birthday to all November babies!  Things have been less than cheerful the last week or so, and it's been hard to focus on much else.  But jewelry can always cheer a girl up (at least definitely this girl!).  And who doesn't love a good Melissa Joy Manning piece?!  These stunning earrings, featuring rough cut citrine set in two simple gold bands, keeps all the focus on these beautiful stones.  The rough cut of the stones along with one of the most prominent characteristics of MJM's design aesthetic is all about capturing the one of a kind look.