Friday, January 30, 2015


New obsession and newly added to my wishlist... antique buttercup ring! This setting, named appropriately due to its resemblance to a buttercup flower, has 6 prongs that flare out from a scalloped shaped base. I particularly love the engraving on the shoulders of this beauty!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

for January babies

Lucky you, January babies, to have such an amazing birthstone! I absolutely adore the rich color of garnet, especially when paired with gold. And with my blooming obsession with Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau gold rings, I was drooling over many in my search. I had such a hard time narrowing down a favorite, I'll just have to show you all of them!

The rich port wine color of the almandine garnet ring above is breathtaking! The filigree mount just makes it all the more amazing.

I love this ring and it is a style I have been looking for myself. Although this is a repro from the 1980s, it has all the qualities I have been looking for in a 5 stone Edwardian scroll mount ring.

This garnet ring is just absolutely stunning! That seed pearl eternity band takes this ring to a whole other level and pairs beautifully with this round garnet.

This garnet snake ring looks shockingly similar to another snake ring I was once obsessing over! And the blood red garnet seems so fitting to the theme of this ring.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

quite contrary goal

Happy (VERY belated) New Years everyone!  I don't like to say that I make New Years resolutions for myself but I do like to have a few goals to strive for in the upcoming year.  One of which for this year is to build up my ring collection while not damaging my finances.  Sounds like a contrary goal, doesn't it?!  Put simply, I want to be smarter about spending what minimal expendable income I have.  I discovered if I tally up all the little, inexpensive things that I "treat" myself to (that $15 shirt from Kohls, those $25 shoes from Target, that $10 whatever from Amazon), I could very quickly save up enough money for one large gift to myself!  And I certainly have a list started!  First up is a classic Art Nouveau ring.  Hoping this one gets re-listed and is available when I put this goal into action!  (Next would be this one, then this one, and maybe not this year, but eventually one of these!)