Friday, February 19, 2016

two new aquisitions

Two new pieces of jewelry in the last week!  Just the thing to cheer a gal up (it's been a stressful month).  First up, my Christmas gift from my husband!  After the first Art Nouveau pendant he bought got lost in the mail (tragic to think that pendant is floating around in no man's land!), we found this beauty on Ebay. It's missing its pearl drop but I'm still debating whether I want to replace it or not.  The pendant is so delicate you don't even notice the loop at the bottom and the pendant is already so pretty as is.  I guess if I find the right antique pearl, I might change my mind.  Next up, a star sapphire ring gifted to me from my mother and father.  (You may remember this previous post!) Turns out my father gave my mother this ring shortly after they were married.  So incredibly happy to have a sentimental piece passed down from my parents.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

for February babies

When I conjure an image in my head of an antique amethyst necklace, I envision a festoon necklace dripping with rows and swags of amethysts.  A stunning vision that I obviously appreciate but not one I would purchase and wear myself.  So when I started on my search for this month's birthstone necklace, I searched for simple and understated but quickly realized my vision of amethysts dripping from the neckline could not be squashed.  Then I stumbled upon this beauty! A piece I could certainly love and wear with just the right amount of "drippy-ness" and a perfect balance of statement and wearability.