Monday, October 17, 2016

for October babies

Happy birthday October babies!  Sorry if I am a little belated.  I've been doing these birthstone posts for two years now and I have no intention of stopping!  I am going to shift gears a little this year and not only focus on earrings but modern design.  (I feel like I have been giving antique jewelry an overwhelming share of the attention!)

October babies have the pleasure of having pink tourmaline as their birthstone.  The varying colors and shades of tourmaline are unmatched.  And these pink tourmaline slice earrings by Pamela Dale are a stunning example of tourmaline's wonderful shade of pink!  I have long been a fan of gemstone and diamond slices and their organic nature.  The addition of rose cut and brilliant cut diamonds and peach gold drips is just the icing on the cake!