Wednesday, October 28, 2009

coming soon...

Coming soon to JKarma... Villette Jewelry! JKarma is an amazing accessories boutique located in Old City Philadelphia (if you don't have the pleasure of seeing the shop in person, visit them here at: I am obviously excited they will soon be carrying some of my necklaces, but the fact that this is one of my favorite jewelry stores in Philadelphia just makes this all the more sweeter. They were named Best Women's Accessories in Philadelphia Magazine's Best of Philly 2008, and there is a reason why! Stop by the shop or visit their website and check out their amazing selection.

Friday, October 23, 2009

skeleton keys

When I was a little girl I used to play pretend A LOT. I remember being at my grandparents' house and finding an old skeleton key in a drawer and imagining all the different places that key would grant me access to and what secrets I would discover hidden behind those doors. To me, there is still something about keys that hold a tinge of mystery behind them so their rise in popularity does not surprise me. Sure, we have all seen the ads for the shiny, new, diamond encrusted Tiffany versions, but judge me if you will, I still prefer the rusty old kind to adorn my neck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little crush

Lately, I have formed a little crush on Zooey Deschanel. I love her laid back vintage style and I LOVE how she accessorizes her outfits... from her sparkly vintage jewelry to her cutesy vintage headbands. I am loving this image of her from the new cotton ad:...the bow heels, the sailor button shorts, the ruffled white shirt, the shrunken cardigan, the rhinestone bow necklace, the crown braid!!! In my dream land, this would be my most perfect outfit for a casual bicycle outing. I heart you, Zooey!

Monday, October 12, 2009

time for halloween

I am starting to get in the mood for Halloween... I can no longer deny myself chocolate with the rows and rows of temptation displayed in all stores. I start to crave the slasher movies of my youth. The weather is changing to a crisp cold with a breeze that reminds me that winter is on it's way. I no longer receive inquisitive looks for wearing an oversized scarf because I am finally appropriately dressed for the temperature. I am suddenly aware that the days are, in fact, shorter. Not to mention, the rapid color change in leaves and pumpkin flavored food everywhere. I LOVE this time of year.

Sadly, I believe the days of me regularly dressing up for the holiday are over. (Not to say I never will again... it just is no longer consistent or definite.) But maybe I'll give a little nod to the day of the dead this year with some Halloween-inspired charms, like my skull and amethyst necklace:
Or I could rock this mature version of the plastic spider ring:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My brother and sister-in-law were in town and we decided to take a day trip to NYC. I have toured most of the major landmark locations at some point throughout my life and often travel to NYC for work, but my sister-in-law, who has never been to NYC, wanted to see all the traditional stops. The most inspirational location to me happened to be the New York Public Library. Maybe it was because I haven't been there in so long, but I didn't remember all the small little details of design that truly make the library beautiful. The carved woodwork in the most unexpected places, the wrought-iron covers to fire hoses, the water fountains! Every little nook and cranny holds something special to find. I am now obsessed with finding a miniature version of this lion head to slide around on a gold chain.