Wednesday, March 30, 2016

artist inspiration

Oh how time flies, my lovelies!  While I have been absent from my blog (my apologies!), I have been looking for inspiration, just a little something that could help jump start my design process again.  And then I found Yeesookyung.  I am so incredibly inspired by this artist's work Translated Vase series, from inspiration to execution.  Now I am obsessed with integrating kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending ceramics with gold, into my design.  Although this is certainly not a new idea (check out jewelry artist Jamie Joseph's stunning pieces), I am excited at testing my own take on this beautiful method.

Friday, March 4, 2016

for March babies

Oh you lucky March babies!  Every time I see an aquamarine I want to giggle like a little girl.  I am not sure what elicits this kind of reaction in me.  Maybe it's the enchanting color of this stone and it's pure perfection!  A perfect example is this 15 ct. stunner in a yellow gold milgrain setting with a decorative bail of sterling silver over gold with diamonds.  This pendant hangs so beautifully. And as beautiful as the diamond setting is it perfectly allows the aquamarine to take center stage.