Monday, November 30, 2009

nothing wrong with a little name dropping

As I have mentioned before, I love Somethings Hiding Here. And I love them even a little more now for name dropping my etsy store in their featured seller interview on etsy. Check it out: and while you are at it, just click right on through to my etsy store!

Monday, November 23, 2009

feeling pretty accomplished

I got a lot done this weekend (including clearing out some major clutter from my work space) and I am feeling pretty accomplished. Here's a look at what I completed for JKarma:I am kind of in love with my price tags too (the kraft paper, the typewriter prices, the baby blue thread, oh my!)...

But don't fret! If you can't make it to JKarma to pick up one of these bad boys, I am listing similar styles on my etsy site:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

some exciting stuff

I don't know if it is because the Christmas holiday is approaching and I need to get cracking on making my gifts or the fact that I have some serious orders to fill, but I have been a busy little bee lately and in major crafter's overload. But I have been working on some exciting stuff. Here's a sneak peek...

Supply shopping (for my necklaces, soon to be sold at JKarma):

AND creating some exciting new headband designs for etsy:

AND I am being selfish and working on some scarves for moi! Next stop... figuring out the theme for my holiday wrapping this year!

Friday, November 13, 2009

house of my dreams

Yesterday a group of us from work went to NYC. We walked all over the city, hitting stores in Chelsea and Soho, and had a wonderful lunch at Rice (yuuuuummmmm). As I drooled over the scores of jewelry stores I was dying to abuse my credit card in, the highlight of the day for me (besides purchasing an awesome pair of ruffled boots) was seeing this magnificent House of Textures by Tjep at Droog:The detail in this piece is amazingly beautiful and had me walking away pondering how I would fare laser cutting metal for my jewelry. Second runner up in the I *heart* this store: the Limited Fungi shelf by Katharina Mischer! Sadly, I didn't snatch a photo... but check out the Droog website at where you can see her work and many other awesome pieces.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

embracing my girlier side

Growing up, I was never what people called "girly." I never played princess, I never decorated with hearts, and I NEVER wore pink unless against my will. I grumbled about being dressed up in dresses by my mother and, when I was old enough to choose my own ensembles, I wore men's t-shirts and jeans for most of my adolescence. Even now, I wouldn't call myself "girly," persay. I still don't wear pink. But I am starting to embrace those feminine touches that make someone not traditionally "girly" feel a little more so without breaking their comfort level boundaries... number one example, ruffles. I love them! And lucky for me, they seem to be everywhere lately.

I am totally obsessed with the idea of manipulating one of my old scarves with some elastic thread and seeing how the ruffles will transform a basic scarf into a major accessory statement with feminine edge, like this lovely, but rather expensive, cashmere version: