Monday, March 31, 2014

a ruby I love

I have never been very fond of my birthstone, ruby, but for whatever reason I am totally in love with this Edwardian ruby ring (I seem to love it even more that it features a tiny ruby).  It makes me want to have at least one piece of jewelry with my birthstone.  The deep scroll work design is amazing and I love how this ring looks from all angles.  Just added to my birthday wishlist!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

marcasite love

When I was first starting to get into the world of antique jewelry, a lot of my first purchases were vintage marcasite sterling silver jewelry because it was all I could really afford at the time.  To this day, I still love these pieces.  You get a whole lot packed into one piece of jewelry (beautiful metal patina with age, a lot of sparkle, and great design and craftmanship) for a very reasonable price!  Even in my recent searches I am surprised at how low many of these pieces are selling for!  (All items featured above are for sale on etsy for under $50!  Ring from here, earrings from here, and pendant from here.)  Interesting fact, "marcasite" jewelry does not contain the mineral marcasite, which is too brittle for use in jewelry, and is actually composed of the mineral pyrite.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

bad influence

One problem (of many) with being an antique jewelry lover is the coveting that happens when you see a truly exceptional one of a kind piece of jewelry someone else has purchased.  Damn you, Diamonds in the Library, for sparking my feverish search for an emerald filigree shield ring.  But happy birthday, Becky, and congratulations on that stunning birthday gift!  (Beautiful shield rings for sale, featured above, from here, here, and here.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

good luck

I was never really into horseshoe jewelry but lately there is something I like about its minimal graphic nature and it being symbolic of good luck. And I definitely could use a little good fortune in my life right now!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eternity engagement ring

A coworker of mine has a beautiful alternative to the traditional engagement ring; her engagement ring SET is comprised of a diamond eternity band and two different gold bands.  So beautiful!  I love this idea, especially if you are a little non-traditional and don't absolutely love the idea of a large diamond spinning around on your finger.  A diamond eternity band can give you just as much sparkle and 3 different styled rings is such a beautiful way to make them all your own.  I'd start with this rough diamond eternity band and add on from there!  

Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy birthday to all March babies!  This month happens to have my favorite birthstone.  I love aquas for their subtle color.  Typically, I love the true pale blue aquas but I adore the blue-green stone in this Art Deco ring.  And the navette shape with old European diamonds are a perfect match to this gorgeous stone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Let's talk honestly... how many of you ladies would consider "upgrading" your engagement ring or wedding band somewhere down the road?  I am a sentimental person, but lately, I have been considering selling my wedding band to purchase a new one.  When I picked out my wedding band 7 years ago, I was just starting to learn about antiques and didn't quite know what was out there.  I literally purchased the first antique diamond eternity band that I found that fit me.  Although my wedding ring is a beautiful platinum channel set diamond band, it is a little simple and plain for my taste. It does pair well with my engagement ring, but it does not stand strongly on it's own, in my opinion. It is also lacking in the antique details I love so much. Now that I am realizing I need to get all of my rings re-sized (this is the one ring that cannot be), I think I might take the plunge and purchase a different band.  I saw these rings from Arrow & Anchor and I felt like I had finally found exactly what I was looking for!  I have heard women talk about wanting to get a larger diamond engagement ring once they are at a point in their life when they can better afford one.  I have heard women confess they would change things about their rings, if they could.  I have heard women say they would purchase another ring so they can hand down their ring to their daughter or future daughter-in-law.  And I have heard women say they would never get rid of such a sentimental item.  So I would love to hear your opinions, dear readers!