Thursday, May 13, 2010

my i-wanna-be-ninh necklace

A few weeks ago I wrote this blog about Ninh Wysocan's necklace featured in Lucky. I heartbreakingly love this necklace of hers which, unfortunately, no level of delusion could justify a purchase of that caliber to me. But I had to do everything I could to capture the magic of this piece and began to collect numerous items that could hint at the nuance that Ninh represented in her piece. After creating my own version (seen above), I realized that, although this necklace might look chaotic or haphazard, it is very clear that each piece needed to be very carefully and purposefully placed to create the beautiful balance of it's organic flow. I am remarkably happy with the outcome and truly feel I captured a little bit of Ninh's essence I have so dramatically fallen in love with. I know she is going to be a continuing inspiration to me in my designs in the future.

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