Friday, September 17, 2010

two of my favorites

Since I am wearing two of my favorite pieces of jewelry today, I thought I would share some pictures. Above is a necklace I got while I was in Miami years and years ago. I really wish I could remember the designer! I love the melted, gnarled metal at the top and how wispy and delicate the chains look dangling from the bottom. The length is just perfect.
Probably one of my favorite stacked ring combinations. The bottom ring is a cheap CZ sterling silver ring I found in a bin of rings at a vintage store which I bought for the purpose of stacking. The middle ring was a loose 2 carat emerald cut aquamarine I had set high in a sterling silver mount. I wanted it to look like a large cocktail ring but found it looks even better stacked with other rings. The top ring is just a plain cheap sterling silver band to balance it all out. I like mixing and matching my rings but for some reason, when I reach for this aquamarine ring, this is how I end up wearing it every time!

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