Thursday, March 10, 2011

a little self discovery

I have been working so feverishly on jewelry for other people lately that I was beyond excited to finally get back in my studio and make something for myself... and it felt wonderful. I remembered why I love making jewelry... because I LOVE jewelry! I have such an emotional reaction to it. I was skipping around the house after I completed this lovely, understated piece. I was inspired by Sarah Perlis's necklaces and, although a diamond with the diameter I was looking for was way out of my price range, I am extremely happy with this beautiful round rose cut white topaz. I made the bezel for the stone a little too large but I decided to go with it anyway, and as I was setting the stone, the bezel metal started to wrinkle, which I actually really love... such a lucky accident! It makes the stone shape look a little more organic and not so perfectly round. Some people might shun away from this kind of imperfection but I embrace it and this just may be a technique I use again in the future! I also discovered that I love creating my own clasps... it makes a necklace feel just a little more handmade in a way. I feel inspired to start looking for inspiration on creating my own clasps. It's amazing how much I still continue to learn and the nerd in me, is super excited about that!