Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday wish list

For every gift giving holiday my husband asks me, "what do you want?" And like a broken record I say, "jewelry!" I have said this so much he has finally stopped asking. This Christmas we have decided not to exchange gifts with one another, but I always have a running wish list when it comes to jewelry. Here are my top 4 of the moment:
1. Diamond pendant- I desperately want a diamond slice pendant, but I would be more than happy with a chip of a diamond necklace to wear on special occasions.
2. Specialty band- I am still looking for the perfect, wear-everyday kind of ring. Something that may be a splurge but the cost per wear would be totally worth it. My favorite right now is this wavy diamond ring by Todd Pownell.
3. Antique locket- Something special looking with interesting details would be perfect. I love the bail on this locket.
4. Art deco jade earrings- The pop of color on these jade earrings would be a good departure from my more basic earring collection.

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