Thursday, October 31, 2013

tale of mystery

Happy Halloween everyone!  Today, I will present you with a tale of mystery called the Cheapside Hoard.  A treasure trove of jewelry was discovered in 1912 in a house being demolished in the Cheapside District of London.  The hundreds of items found, hidden there for nearly 300 years, are a rare glimpse into a history of jewels and jewelry making.  But who collected this treasure?  Why was it buried there and never claimed?  Curators have tried to piece the story together but there are no definite answers.  Read everything you need to know about this beautiful collection, now being shown at the Museum of London.  (I was drawn to this story by the image of the ring above, one of the pieces found in Cheapside.  How amazing is this table cut diamond with it's black and white enameled band?!) 

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