Friday, December 6, 2013

leather wraps

I have been gathering some great leather bracelet inspiration and am so excited about learning a new technique and to use more of this wonderful material.  I am having so much fun figuring out different ways to add clasps and finish off the pieces (such a nerd, I know!).  There are so many different ways... buckles, stitching, knots, clasps, holes, buttons, grommets!  And adding in other decorative details to the mix is inspiring me to make many different versions of a leather wrap bracelet.  Here are a few pieces that are particularly inspiring me.  I love this bracelet (featured above) for it's simplicity and the use of the clasp as a focal decoration.

I love this idea of using sheet metal for initials or other lettering.

I love the use of rough metal beads on this bracelet.

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