Friday, January 17, 2014

art nouveau locket search

This blog post reignited my love affair with lockets!  (I am totally envious of this sweet, sentimental gift in the form of jewelry!)  Although I have a few small lockets at home, I would love to have a larger one, that can actually hold pictures you can see, that I can wear on a longer chain.  I made the above necklace last night with a cheap, not terribly terrific looking locket and hope to find an Art Nouveau locket that can replace this plain one. (Hint, hint, husband of mine... this would make the perfect anniversary or birthday gift for me!) Here are a few I have found for sale...
Completely in love with this one, which is way out of my price range.  But, oh, it is so lovely!
The design on this locket is like nothing I have seen yet rings so true of Art Nouveau style!
So pretty with it's swirly, floral design!
This locket with it's image of a beautiful lady and a peacock is Art Nouveau at it's finest!
This locket features a beautiful profile and I love the inclusion of flowers, swirls, and paste stone in a starburst design.

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