Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 years of love and adoration

Many are focused on buying gifts for Valentine's Day but my thoughts are on my husband and my 10 year anniversary next week!  I have some thoughts on what I am getting him and I know he has a master plan worked up already for me, but here's a few things I wouldn't mind getting for this very important anniversary...
1) Art Nouveau locket- Because placing 2 photos in the locket instantly turns it into a sentimental gift and wins you husband of the year!
2) Small diamond pendant- Because it's your daughter's birthstone and what a great way to remind her of what your love brought into this world... and because who doesn't love getting diamonds for an anniversary?!
3) Gardenia perfume- Because the smell of gardenia reminds her of the flowers on your wedding day.
4) Forget me not ring- Because Forget-me-nots are the symbolic flower for the month you were married (September) and your wife got them tattooed on her on your honeymoon!

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