Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Let's talk honestly... how many of you ladies would consider "upgrading" your engagement ring or wedding band somewhere down the road?  I am a sentimental person, but lately, I have been considering selling my wedding band to purchase a new one.  When I picked out my wedding band 7 years ago, I was just starting to learn about antiques and didn't quite know what was out there.  I literally purchased the first antique diamond eternity band that I found that fit me.  Although my wedding ring is a beautiful platinum channel set diamond band, it is a little simple and plain for my taste. It does pair well with my engagement ring, but it does not stand strongly on it's own, in my opinion. It is also lacking in the antique details I love so much. Now that I am realizing I need to get all of my rings re-sized (this is the one ring that cannot be), I think I might take the plunge and purchase a different band.  I saw these rings from Arrow & Anchor and I felt like I had finally found exactly what I was looking for!  I have heard women talk about wanting to get a larger diamond engagement ring once they are at a point in their life when they can better afford one.  I have heard women confess they would change things about their rings, if they could.  I have heard women say they would purchase another ring so they can hand down their ring to their daughter or future daughter-in-law.  And I have heard women say they would never get rid of such a sentimental item.  So I would love to hear your opinions, dear readers!


  1. Such a hard call! You could buy a new one and stack it with your original one? I'm seeing more and more ladies do the stack thing w/ important left-hand jewelry and I think it can be really marvelous.

  2. I already have 4 to my wedding ring set... I don't know if I could fit another one on my finger! :) (All my rings are sized up slightly to accommodate the stacking but now I am dealing with some issues with them spinning so I think I need to size them down. And they are clearly too big when I want to wear my bands on their own.)