Friday, August 29, 2014

white versus yellow metals

(photo from this lovely etsy seller)
Awhile back, I read a post on Gem Gossip's blog that has stayed with me ever since.  In an interview with designer Stacey Lorinczi, Stacey said, "I recall when I was a teenager, and first started to seriously devote myself to jewelry making, I had little interest in gold—sterling silver was the only metal I would wear. In contrast, my mother was a devotee of yellow gold jewelry, and would rarely purchase anything silver. When I would debate this with her, she’d always insist, “just wait… when you’re grown-up, you’ll see, you’ll love gold as much as I do. Far more, in fact, than you will silver.” I was doubtful, but sure enough she was right. Now that I’m an adult, I find myself profoundly attracted to the qualities of gold. I have come to believe that it’s a metal for when you’ve fully matured as a woman."  I feel I am going through the very same experience!  Most of my life I have been devoted to wearing silver but as my taste in jewelry matures, I feel that I am starting to gravitate towards yellow gold.  Although I still love my choice in my platinum wedding ring set for every day wear, I am choosing yellow gold right hand rings more and more.  So, my wonderful readers, which do you prefer?

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