Wednesday, January 21, 2015

quite contrary goal

Happy (VERY belated) New Years everyone!  I don't like to say that I make New Years resolutions for myself but I do like to have a few goals to strive for in the upcoming year.  One of which for this year is to build up my ring collection while not damaging my finances.  Sounds like a contrary goal, doesn't it?!  Put simply, I want to be smarter about spending what minimal expendable income I have.  I discovered if I tally up all the little, inexpensive things that I "treat" myself to (that $15 shirt from Kohls, those $25 shoes from Target, that $10 whatever from Amazon), I could very quickly save up enough money for one large gift to myself!  And I certainly have a list started!  First up is a classic Art Nouveau ring.  Hoping this one gets re-listed and is available when I put this goal into action!  (Next would be this one, then this one, and maybe not this year, but eventually one of these!)

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