Friday, December 11, 2015

star sapphire

As little girls often do, I frequently rifled through my mother's jewelry box, admiring all the beautiful shiny things that seemed oh so glamorous.  One piece that stands out in my memory particularly is a star sapphire ring she always had tucked away that, to this day, I have never actually seen her wear.  Despite my attempt at trying to make this ring mine from frequent "borrowing," she always requested it back, making it all the more alluring (also now leading me to believe it retained some kind of sentimental value that I am unaware of).  In my mind's eye, it was set in a very simple setting but I was beyond mesmerized  by the qualities of the stone.  I haven't thought about that ring in so very long, but now can't stop thinking about star sapphires.  Both the 8 prong vintage setting and Art Deco with side diamonds, featured above, are calling my name!

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