Friday, June 17, 2016

Art Deco lines

Made this necklace this past week, consisting of hammered brass wire and oxidized sterling silver chain inspired by a lot of Art Deco prints I was looking up on Pinterest.  It still needs a few adjustments, like opening the loops on the chain to provide a better slide and possibly shortening the longer piece to accommodate the most common necklines I wear.  I am such a stickler about fit even when it comes to jewelry, something I think many people don't acknowledge often.  (Nothing bothers me more then when a clasp is heavier than the pendant and it pulls at the back of your neck!)  Regardless of the few adjustments needed, I am in love with this piece and am brainstorming different configurations, shapes and patterns.  How stunning would this be translated into another piece:
  (image from Flickr)

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