Monday, September 26, 2016

engagement ring love

When this popped up in my Pinterest feed, I think I literally gasped out loud!  I know absolutely nothing about this ring (my Google search turned up nothing) but it looks like Art Deco or a very well done Art Deco replica.  I love it paired with the simple gold band.  What a stunning pair!  Today is actually my 8th wedding anniversary and as I was fondly admiring my own engagement ring, I realized how much I still whole heartedly love it.  Back story: I actually picked out my own engagement ring from a small antique store online, but my husband duped me into thinking he couldn't afford a ring anytime soon.  The ring sold (yes, I stalked it online) right around Valentine's Day and I was heartbroken that someone else was walking around wearing MY engagement ring.  Two months later, my husband asked me to be his wife with THE ring!  I am still incredibly happy with the choice, and wouldn't change it for the world, even though my jewelry tastes have changed, developed and evolved over those years.  I hope that all the ladies out there have such happiness with their own rings (and partners!).

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