Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i "heart" inspiration board

(from left to right, top to bottom)
FILIGREE- I love the delicate intricacy and lace-like quality of filigree. I usually can't resist a filigree piece of jewelry in an antique store!
SKELETON KEYS- I love the old craftsmanship. I like to daydream about the history behind each particular key.
JANE AUSTEN-ERA HAIRSTYLES- Pretty much any Jane Austen movie is my go-to source for inspiration on updos! And I love researching historical hairstyles. If only the importance of eloquent hairstyles weren't just reserved for special occasions now a days.
WOODEN VASES- My grandfather loved to woodwork and I have a collection of his wooden vases. They are probably one of my most treasured possessions.
MEHNDI- Like with filigree, I love the intricate designs of henna.
SALON STYLE WALL DECOR- This is probably one of my favorite ways to display wall decor. And I love expanding the grouping as time goes on.
TOURMALINE- I love the rich color variations of this stone! Such a beautiful color palette.
TORTOISE SHELL HAIR COMBS- Just like filigree jewelry, I pretty much cannot resist these beauties in antique stores. They go wonderfully with my Jane Austen-era hairstyles, too!
DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRES- Such a classic combination! There is just something about this pairing that makes any piece of jewelry feel so old-world and sophisticated.

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