Monday, August 9, 2010

the big easy

I'm back from New Orleans and I had such an amazing time. I am so in love with this city. I took a bunch of pictures but sadly most of them didn't turn out as most of my free time was at night. But here are a few I wanted to share...
I love the filigree wrought iron every where and the porches with ceiling fans. I couldn't help sighing every time I saw an amazing building like this... in other words, I was sighing a lot!Of course the food is amazing in New Orleans. But I also loved how restaurants really utilized the unique qualities of their building's architecture.
I took the Haunted History tour and it was amazing. Not only did I get some history and some haunting stories but I also saw some residential areas of the French Quarter that I don't think I would have normally ventured to. And no Haunted History tour would be complete without a visit to the most haunted house in New Orleans, the Lalaurie Mansion. The story about this house literally turned my stomach. If you want to read more on the house check out this site or just google the name... there are endless amounts of sites dedicated to this grotesque story.

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