Thursday, August 19, 2010

salon style wall decor

I am having family stay with me this weekend for a family wedding and I am scrambling to get my new house ready. I still have a long way to go but, oddly enough, the biggest task I have yet to tackle is hanging all of my wall decor. For years now, I have been hanging my wall decor in a salon style. The picture above is similar to how my wall decor looked in my last apartment (all black and white photos, all black frames, clustered together in rectangular form, a lot of frames in mass) but I have been thinking of changing things up. Here are a few other salon examples I am loving...
I love the cluster of alternating colored frames. They all coordinate but there is still variance. (And I love that wall color!)

I love the mixture of shapes here, especially with the bust.

I love the variation in frame shapes but also the consistency of colors and the art within the frames. This would have to be well thought out but so impactful.

I love the minimal amount of frames and I LOVE the addition of the oval mirror. (I guess it also helps that I love the striped wallpaper as the background for these frames as well... and while we are at it, I also love that old trunk being used as a table!)

I have also been thinking of buying old frames to display some of my jewelry in my workspace. Guess I really need to make a trip out to scour some of my favorite antique stores for all the old frames I will need.

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