Thursday, January 19, 2012

the elusive rose cut

I have been searching high and low for a loose pear shaped rose cut diamond for a necklace I have in mind to make. But sadly, the search has been frustrating and unsuccessful due to the scarcity of loose rose cut diamonds available for sale in the US (at least from the point of view of a small handmade jewelry artist who is not purchasing in bulk).

If you follow jewelry trends most likely you have seen a ring with a rose cut diamond lately. The resurgence in popularity is actually a surprise to many people in the jewelry business due to the antiquated cut, the overall feeling that this cut makes diamonds look glass-y, and that it does not capture the 2 things people, at least in the US, look for in a diamond: brilliance and fire. I, for one, LOVE this cut. It allows you to set the diamond in a lower setting, it gives you a larger diamond surface size (we are talking millimeters not carat weight) for a more reasonable price, and generally the cost per carat is lower. And for someone who loves imperfect stones, often the modern diamonds cut in this fashion are "lower quality" and have visible inclusions (which in my mind makes each stone unique and beautiful, not to mention better for someone with a smaller budget in mind).

My search will continue and I am sure eventually I will find the perfect diamond I am looking for. And I know the diamond will feel even more special in the end due to the effort it took to find it. But part of me still crosses my fingers that we will start to see these wonderful diamonds available more in the US market in the near future. (above image from here.)

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