Thursday, May 16, 2013

the art of display part II

(image above from here)
I talked about artful displays in a retail setting but organizing and displaying your jewelry at home is equally important!  Here are a few beautiful ideas to showcase your jewelry at home...

Shadowboxes are a great way to show off your jewelry and save on counter space.  Adding a cute patterned paper to the background is a great way to amp up the wall decor feel.

I have been wanting to do this for some time but have never gotten around to it.  You can add as many decorative knobs as needed or add knobs as your collection grows... no longer will you need to suffer through cramming all your necklaces on the limited amount of hooks in a jewelry box!

This idea is great for organizing a large amount of jewelry in one location.  All you need is a frame (I, personally, love the more vintage decorative frames), a sheet of radiator grill, and some small S-hooks.  (You could also use a sheet of cork in lieu of the grill.)

I have many little dishes, bowls, and boxes on top of my dresser to hold various pieces of jewelry (as well as my jewelry box and a collection of perfume bottles).  I love the ceramic bust in this set-up!  (In lieu of a bust, you could also use a doll dress form!)

If I had the dresser top space, I would love to have a collection of old watchcase glass cloches in varying heights to display my favorite pieces!

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