Tuesday, July 15, 2014

birthday etsy wishlist

Tomorrow is my birthday!  Kind of anticlimactic with it falling on a Wednesday and it being a day which I cannot take off of work... but I'll make the most of it.  And like any other gift receiving day of my life, jewelry is all that I want!  Here is my etsy birthday wishlist:
1) Scroll shank antique ring- I have been searching for one of these lovelies for awhile with no luck.  I LOVE this one but, le sigh, it is way out of my price range and way above what I would want someone to spend on a gift for me.  But a girl can dream that one day I, or someone I love, will find one that's just right in style and price!
2) Personalized inscribed ring- Just something simple with my daughter's name on it.  A nice little addition to my ring stacking wardrobe.
3) Gold etched midi rings- I have a hammered silver one I made that I wear all the time, but I would love to have a more detailed gold version to match my gold ring stacks.
4) Leather wrap bracelet- All I seem to want to wear are leather bracelets, so I'd like to have more of a variety to chose from.

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