Monday, December 1, 2014

holiday etsy wishlist

Happy December!  I am so looking forward to the holidays this year!  Yesterday we purchased a tree and my 2 1/2 year old daughter helped me decorate it.  She was so excited about everything and the first thing she asked for this morning when she woke up was to see the tree!  I must already be in the holiday mindset because I have already completed my holiday gift shopping. For those who might not be that ahead of the game, I have compiled my annual holiday Etsy personal wishlist:
1) Antique scroll shank ring- I have been on the search for one of these for awhile (and sadly missed out on a great sale on this one) but have been unable to spend money like that on myself.  Which basically means this has GIFT written all over it!
2) Antique navette ring- Speaking of searching forever for something, this has been long standing on my wishlist as well.
3) Chunky cable knit infinity scarf in charcoal- I love how chunky and cozy this scarf looks!  And I can't go a winter without acquiring a new scarf.
4) Gold bar stud earrings- I love how dainty and small these earrings are.  I would wear these turned upwards to become ear climbers!

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