Monday, December 29, 2014

the gift of giving

Now that the gifts are given, I am excited to reveal the Christmas gifts I made this year.  The grandmothers and great grandmother each received one of my Novella lockets.  The lockets are all vintage and the chains were handcrafted by me with oxidized silver chain and ornate chain detail.  I was very excited to give these gifts but was extremely moved by the response I received from the recipients!  Specifically from Clara's great grandmother.  She burst into tears, overwhelmed with happiness by receiving her first locket ever in her life!  She had always wanted one but had never received one as a gift or purchased one for herself.  Every piece of jewelry is important in my mind, but there is something intimate and uniquely special about a locket.  Maybe it is the thought of someone carrying a case close to their heart with something personally important inside.  And it never ceases to surprise me and warm my heart that jewelry seems to speak a universal language... every piece is filled with a personal story, a memory, a mark of an important moment in life, and the love that is passed in physical form from one person to another.

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