Friday, September 18, 2015

yellow gold lovelies

With wearing much more yellow gold now, I have pondered what kind of engagement ring I would have gravitated towards if my love of yellow gold was stronger at the time when I got engaged.  There is no doubt I would have looked for an antique ring and I have so fallen in love with box set engagement rings, I can't imagine not having one at this point.  This ring is like a yellow gold sibling of my actual platinum engagement ring!  But here are some other strong contenders...
This filigree beauty from Erie Basin would have been right up my alley when I first started searching for rings and before I was frightened away from delicate filigree for everyday wear!
This stunning beauty is very similar in feeling, with it's leafy scalloped embellishments, to the first ring I picked out to be my own!

And the design of this Victorian beauty would have been hard to resist!

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