Sunday, May 8, 2016

so much more

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  Just like most holidays, you shouldn't wait for this one day a year to tell your loved ones they are appreciated and loved, but there is something so incredibly wonderful about a designated day to kick your butt into gear to do just that.  Parenthood is hard and the simple accolade of "you're doing a good job, we see it and appreciate what you do" means so much.  So to all the mamas out there, you are incredible... the moms who love their children unconditionally, the women who love fiercely within their hearts as mothers, the soon-to-be mamas, the mothers who have loved and lost in silence, and the mothers who we have loved and lost but will never forget... you are an inspiration to us all!!!
My Mother's Day this year is commemorated by this beautiful Edwardian two tone gold filigree ring.  Nothing means more to me than receiving a piece of jewelry to mark important days throughout my life and to one day pass down to my own daughter.

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