Tuesday, September 1, 2009

polaroid love

I have redeveloped my love for Polaroids. This has been an ongoing infatuation for years but the spark has been reignited over the last few months. Almost 2 years ago, my father purchased me a mass quantity of Polaroid film as a Christmas gift because I had once mentioned to him about wanting some for my wedding. I thought "to hell with those cheesy disposable cameras on tables," I would have Polaroid cameras floating around at my wedding! Needless to say, I still have a ton of film left and started to cart my good ole Polaroid camera around for an endlessly fun activity at parties. There is just something about the nostalgia that is endearing.But despite everything, I discovered that this love affair may soon come to an end because the film is no longer being produced and as quantities are dwindling, the prices are skyrocketing. But fear not, lovers of Polaroids... there is still something that can help us get over our broken hearts! I was recently introduced to a website that can change your digital images into Polaroids. Maybe this love can survive after all! (http://www.poladroid.net/ )

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  1. ah yeah, polaroids .... I have a 1000, and I cant cartridges for it anymore, not without paying loads on ebay. Shame ...

    anyway, hello :)