Thursday, June 13, 2013

hint of color

I love the idea of adding color to a wedding ring set (my search spiraled after my last post!).  Blue sapphire was the obvious choice for me but there are so many amazing options for different stones and colors!  Emerald would easily be my next choice in stones.  I particularly love this one mixed with marquise diamonds.

I believe I really underestimate rubies.  It's my birthstone but I always pushed back on getting jewelry with this stone.  The deep red of this ruby ring is stunning.  I love the Art Deco feel and that the rubies are mixed with princess cut diamonds.

And just because I love them so darn much, here is another beautiful sapphire wedding band option.  Once again, I love the mix of colored stones and diamonds and the east west setting of the marquise sapphires on this ring.

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