Monday, June 10, 2013

birthday wish listing

My birthday is in a little over a month, but I'm already dreaming about what I would want.  So here it is, my top 4 (serious day dreaming) jewelry wishlist...
1) I really want a simple diamond pendant. Something small that I can wear every day.  This one by Cathy Waterman would be a dream!
2) I can't stop thinking about serpent rings.  I have searched high and low for an antique one (in my price range) but am seriously considering having this one replicated by the talented Henri David of Halloween, because I know I will never find another one like it!
3) Seriously, I NEED a Todd Pownell ring so I can finally shut up about wanting one!
4) I really would like to add a camphor glass pendant to my antique jewelry collection.  I still question why I don't have one already!

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