Friday, December 11, 2009

halloween every day

I love Halloween... and I am not just talking about the festivities on October 31st. Halloween, an amazing jewelry store located at 13th and Pine in Philadelphia, is a must see for any jewelry lover. The selection is amazing. You could literally spend hours going through the tons of cases crammed with jewelry. You can find anything from antique pins, to engagement rings, to basic sterling silver bangles, to chunky bezel set rings, and as all the sales people will tell you, anything you see, or dream of, can be custom-made to suit any of your needs.Two levels of the store are filled with cases set into the structure of the walls and architecture of the space. Every case is themed, anywhere from a case of all antique cameo pins to garden themed charms, forming an almost diorama of sorts.My favorite reason to hit up this store... the replica filigree jewelry in sterling silver... the look and style I love without having to break the bank on the more commonly found gold versions. This time around I walked away with a lion's head necklace... just like I have been looking for ever since I took the trip to the NYC library.

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