Tuesday, December 8, 2009

roaring 20s

My dream of having a themed 1920s party is finally coming true! My company's holiday party is taking this theme to the max, with gaming tables, dancing and booze, to celebrate this spectacular decade and our holiday season. I have been rummaging through my personal inspiration dedicated to this time period and I have so many ideas I feel like I might go into 1920s dress-up overload... the drop waisted dresses, the art deco jewelry, the elaborate hairpieces, the cloches, oh my!!!

I desperately want to rewatch the Great Gatsby to gather some more inspiration:

To live in this decade, just for a night... what a treat. I have always dreamed of dressing up and having my photo taken, in an Alfred Cheney Jonhston style:
But I know one thing for certain... I am definitely rocking finger waves. This style is usually only pulled out for red-carpet like events in my life, but I feel this might just be one of those occasions!

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