Thursday, February 18, 2010

some tiny little bezels

You may remember my obsession with this ring I saw on Sundance...well, I started to recreate this ring in my own Villette-Jewelry-way, with brushed hammered sterling silver, and I substituted the diamonds for cubic zirconia and smoky quartz. I am contemplating eliminating the space between stones but I'll see how that plays out. Here's what I have done so far...
I created 2 bezels and 2 bezel seats (for the stones to sit on). And those are some TINY bezels (that's why I included the dime for size representation). Next week, I will solder the seats inside the bezels and solder those to the ring, and hopefully set the stones and polish. While I was shopping for gems, I also picked up this tiny little london blue topaz. I think I might make a ring just for this little guy that I can wear with the zirconia and quartz ring, if I feel so inclined. I love the color combination!

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