Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last week a few of us from work went to tour Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum in Doylestown (Fonthill Castle seen above). Henry Mercer was known for his tile designs, which can be seen throughout the entire interior of his home, Fonthill Castle. But he was also obsessed with tools and collected them en masse. He had a very loose definition of the word "tool," making the collection a clear vision of his interpretation of the word. His entire tool collection, from printmaking blocks to seamstress tools to stoves to cradles, is showcased at the Mercer Museum. Below are some items that inspired me: Keys and locks... I love the designs on the ends of the keys.
Butter mold... such an amazing carving!
Hair comb... as we all know, I am a HUGE fan of hair combs!
Buttons... I love the star design on them. Definite jewelry inspiration!

If you decide to visit the museums, tour Fonthill Castle first. It is great to get an insight into who this man was before seeing his outrageous collection at the Mercer Museum.

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