Wednesday, March 17, 2010

getting there

I am quite content with the progress I made with my locket last night. I drilled a circular design in sheet metal with 3 different sized drill bits and used a saw to cut out the 3 different teardrops on the inside of the locket. I soldered the top sheet metal to the bezel base and filed away the excess metal to create this drum-shaped piece. I started to saw through the middle to create the two halves of the locket. Next week I will dome the front of the locket, create the hinge and a pressure clasp (a little piece of metal soldered to the inside of the locket that will hold the lid shut), solder the bale to the top of the locket, oxidize, and polish. And because I hate waiting for metal to clean in pickle solution, I started cutting out the shapes needed for my Alice in Wonderland pendant and hope to finish that along with the locket next week. So excited!

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