Monday, March 15, 2010

inspired enamel

I saw this beauty in Lucky magazine about 2 months ago and I pulled it as inspiration. Little did I know, it was featured in Lucky because it is similar to the necklace Alice's mother gives her at the beginning of the new Alice in Wonderland movie (which I saw this weekend). Through my internet searches, it appears this necklace is no longer available through, although there are other Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces available. I also discovered that Hot Topic carried a similar piece as well to offer with their Alice in Wonderland collection which also appears to be sold out!
Guess I have no choice but to make my own version with enamel and silver. 3 classes left and I have a lot to get done. But in the meantime, maybe I will go shopping at Hot Topic and pick up a pair of striped wrist warmers for myself!

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