Wednesday, March 10, 2010

locket underway...

Here are my locket sketches. The locket will be circular (about 1") and completed entirely in sterling silver. The sketch to the left represents the outside of the locket. I plan to pierce 3 different sized holes throughout the piece to create a graphic element to the front and polish the metal with a brushed or satin finish. The sketch to the right represents the inside of the locket which will also include some pierced holes and a cut-out design that was inspired by tattoos I have on my wrist and foot. The metal inside will be oxidized so you will be able to see the dark detail of the metal through the holes in the front of the locket.

Last night in class, I created the back of the locket. Now I need to move on to piercing and sawing the designs in the front and back and adding the hinge, clasp, and bail. The hinge will be standard, created with silver tubing and silver wire. I am still looking at my options for the clasp. The bail I intend to be a circle soldered to the locket that the chain will run directly through. All in all, I am pretty excited about the possibility of completing this in my next class, but that may just be me being a little overzealous... we'll see! I have a lot to get done and only 3 classes left... EEK!

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